Thursday, 21 November 2013

6.) Research Proposal- Ident

To: Channel  4
From: Olivia Griffiths
Date: 4th April 2014
Subject: Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic:
[What is the purpose of television idents? To what extent does the impact on the target audience.]
The purpose of an ident is so that you can identify the channel, by the ident that you put on you can then make it to attract a certain target audience.

[Expand on the topic/question by what you hope to accomplish, and the desired outcomes ( especially the practical or theatrical benefits to be gained)]
At the end of creating the ident I would like to have made a difference for the Channel 4 ident. I want it to refresh the channel and for people to have a new prospective.

[Describe the context of the proposal research, making it clear how this context will allow you to accomplish your stated purposes]
by using this we will be able to accomplish our purpose by

Scope: [Describe such things as the time you will invest, when the field work will take place, the number of participants, and the number of interviews you will conduct]

Method: [describe in detail the steps you will take in attempting to answer your research question?]



27.) Risk Assessment - Ident

23.) Script- Ident

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Production Schedule- MV

Location Recce- MV

Film Title: Radioactive
Client: Mr Jackson
Producer: Olivia Griffiths & Louie Fulton
Date: 20/11/13
Director: Olivia Griffiths & Louie Fulton
Writer: Olivia Griffiths & Louie Fulton

Access: Woods and Fields
Potential Filming Problems: Weather
Name and Number of Location Contact: Fishponds Road, Keston, Kent, BR2 6HB
Health and Safety Concerns: Could fall in the pond, Walk in to the main road, Get attacked by an animal.

Access: Stables
Potential Filming Problems:
Name and Number of Location Contact: Orchard Cottage Stables, Holwood, Westerham Road, Keston Kent BR2 6HB
Health and Safety Concerns: Could get attacked by the horses, weather

Thursday, 14 November 2013

BARB- Viewing Figures

From these results of TV programmes that are on the TV during the day and in the evening. The best TV viewings are in the evening, (E4- Big Bang Theory 9pm) (ITV- Downtown Abbey 9pm) & (Channel 4- Grand Designs 9pm).
The programmes that are on during the day are less popular according to BARB.
The target audience of these programmes are a mixture as the channels have different target audiences.

ITV Rebrand 2013

 In 2012 ITV went through a rebrand, so that they could find a different way to portray their channel. They rebranded all 5 of their channels as they felt a rebrand would be a better way for them to advertise their programmes.

The main ITV logo is a colour picking design which changes to suit its backdrop as well as the nature of its programming.

National and regional ITV News programmes also adopt a new look and feel both on air and online. Regional news programmes have consolidated their naming styles in line with a more consistent branding across ITV.

Some people said that they like it and it is more of a friendly ident. Other people don't think that it is serious enough, especially for things  such as the News.

 On October 31st E4 brought back their character from when they first started the channel which is named Eefer. E4 haven't updated their idents for about six years so a recreation to keep them in the market of interesting TV was crucial, their TV rivals had all re-done their idents over the past few years, so E4 was due a recreation.
People have said to think that it is a lazy rebrand and just putting a dots on the board was not creative enough. Others think that their new creations are too mainstream and they need to be more individual to stand out.

21.) Proposal