Friday, 25 October 2013

18.) Development of Ideas

By developing our ideas we are going to go into more depth on how they could work.

Pool - With this idea what we thought is that we could use stop animation by moving deckcharis around a pool area, moving them into the pool slowly making a four, once you can see the '4' shape an eye blinks and it goes back to someone on a sun bed on pool side. This is very similar to Channel 4's ideas already but it is different as they have not done this before.

Man Running - This idea we thought of zooming from a distance of a man running along the seafront slowly following the camera up his body to when it meets his face, slowly the camera zooms in to the eye where he blinks and you see the '4'

Blinking Eye - With this idea the concept was that the eye would blink and every time it re-opened the colours of the four would slowly build up to become a four.

Blocks - Using blocks to form a four, they would incorporate lots of different colours and would also slowly build up to form the shape of the four.

Zooming - using an eye and zooming into different spots of the eye until finally you see the colour of the eye and the four.

Channel 4 is about realism, these ideas are realistic and you can see the real life aspect created in the majority of these ideas.

4.) Ident Ideas

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

15.) Interview and Analysis

1. What do you expect to see in a Channel 4 Ident and why?
When watching Channel 4 I expect to see a lot of variety within the ident. I would expect it to relate to the programme that is coming up next but then for me to know that it is Channel 4 at the same time.
2. How often do you watch Channel 4 a week and why?
I watch Channel 4 roughly 3times a week, I watch it because of the programmes they show in the evenings after school.
3. What would you do to improve the Channel 4 ident and why?
If I was to improve Channel 4's ident i think i would make it more interesting to the channel and something that may not have been done before.
4. What do you like about the Channel 4 ident and why?
I like the way that it relates to real life but then you can tell that it is Channel 4 because it is a real life ident.
5. What do you expect to see in an ident and why?
I would expect to see originality and creativity that would separate that ident from all the other channels.
6. What types of programmes do you like on Channel 4 and why ?
I like to watch programs like Educating Yorkshire, Simpsons and other programmes like that.
7. What time of day do you watch Channel 4 and why?
I tend to watch Channel 4 after school, and in the evening if something looks interesting to watch and nothing else is on.
8. What makes you recognize that you are watching channel 4 and why?
When you watch the ident it is real life and you know by the background music as well.

14.) Survey & Analysis (Questionnaires)

With the results of the questionnaire you can see that the age range of the viewers was 90% aged 16-18. you can see that the majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire watched channel 4 at least once a week as they found that they don't have many programmes for their age group and when they do watch the programme you will find that they wouldn't watch programmes past 7pm on that channel because there are programmes on other channels. 70% of the people asked were male on this occasion which shows that the survey isn't as even as other surveys would be, which could mean that the survey might not be as fair as it could be. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Friday, 11 October 2013

Emotional Response

Jar Of Hearts

Mise-en-scene is used in a lot of different ways in the Jar of Hearts music video, Dancing in an aggressive and passionate way was used to show that the video was about love and heartbreak. The camera uses a lot of close ups to convey the emotion of how she feels. The cold filtering of the piece is also to show the emotion that she is feeling towards what is going on. When editing they slowed it all down so that you could see every gesture made to convey the emotion more, when Christina Perry would mention "Jar of Hearts" a jar would appear in her hands with a black heart inside and you can see the deep emotion. The lyrics "Cold" and "Ice" link with the cold theme of the song and lyrics. In this song there is a narrative theme to the song and has elements of a story throughout.

Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

It's set in the garage for where she is most emotional about her break up and when she goes outside it is really dusty and musky which shows that maybe the relationships gone on for too long and she wants it to be over, The lighting was all very cloudy which shows she couldn't see how much further the relationship was going. She wears casual clothes that are bright which is different to "Jar of Hearts" where her outfits were plain and dirty. Fergie also has a brightly coloured car which shows that she isn't heartbroken but she is happy about her choice. The camera shots are long shots to show distance and not being involved in the situation that she is facing. There are flashbacks of her reminiscing on the good times of her relationship. In the lyrics she says that her relationship was a playground romance which shows that she didn't think it was serious relationship.

The One That Got Away

Starts with a present shot before fading to a past memory. The present shots are all very white and plain showing that their is not much left after what has happened in the past as the modern room is very plain and empty.
In the past shots their are very full sets with things going on even though it is all very dark showing that the past was dark but from that her present life is very empty.
there are close ups for emotion in the shots and the zooming is very slow for the emotion to come across.
Mainly facial shots to show the emotion in the faces so you can see how they were living to how she is living now.
there is slow fading to the next shot to show that they are the same people just a few years later. Split screen is used for an intensity of the piece and to show the difference and how what happened in the past has effected her. The lyrics show that it is a love story that went wrong with one argument, the lyrics are heart warming and emotional.