Monday, 30 September 2013

Rule of Thirds

Rule Of Thirds

With the Avicii video you can see the rule of thirds quite obviously where the girl is walking down the street and people are staring at her and by them filming from different angles you can see that they are staring more obviously.

You can see that they placed the man to the far left and the lady was on the near right, as they zoom out you can see the lady goes to the far right which makes up the rule of thirds.

180 degree angle

With this video it is a 180 degree angle because the camera doesn't move but you can see can everything you need to see in one screen.

8.) Ident Research Analysis

Style- E4 bed
Concept- the show that it is past watershed and that it is the more mature age group watching TV
Length- 27seconds
Use of Logo- is shown a lot to know that you are still watching E4
Use of Colour- mainly purple
Appeal to target audience- the older half of the target audience (16-35), by putting the bed in there you can tell that

Style- E4 Living room
Concept- To show that it is the middle of the day and that the programs could be relating to people like house wives who stay at home and don't go to work.
Length- 20seconds
Use of Logo- The logo is shown a lot to show that you are watching the channel
Use of Colour- purple florrel
Appeal to target audience- appeals to the target audience during the day/

Style- Channel 4 Flats
Concept- To show that it is home time and its the time children are coming home from school, but mums are still doing duties like the washing.
Length- 25seconds
Use of Logo- Made out of the flats the 4 comes up at the end
Use of Colour- grey, they dont have a specific colour as it can varie.
Appeal to target audience- this does appeal to the target audience

Style- Channel 4 Simpsons
Concept- to show the program that is coming up next.
Length- 39seconds
Use of Logo- the logo is shown at the end
Use of Colour- colours made up by the simpsons colours
Appeal to target audience- this appeals to the target audience who like the simpsons

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Research - Diane Martel- Music Video Director

Diane Martel- Music Video director

 Diane Martel is a Music Video Director but also a Choreographer.
She has worked with people such as Robin Thicke, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Pixie Lott being involved in some of their main music videos.

The music videos Diane Martel has produced recently have been quite similar to each other simply because Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus are trying to make a mark by making their videos quite outrageous. Diane Martel obviously can not make all her videos the same because she is dealing with different people with different visions for their video's and also have different types of target audiences.  In Miley Cyrus's video "We Can't Stop" the setting is pretty plain behind by using bold words to point out certain lyrics in her music video. With Robin Thicke's first music video "Blurred Lines" the setting is all very plain using the bold words to make a mark and stand out. With these two very iconic videos they seem to have stood out because of the bold words used. For Miley Cyrus's video it was important for her to show a change from this Disney Channel Miley Cyrus to the new Miley Cyrus who was more outrageous so she had to make a mark and show how she was different. With Robin Thicke he was new to the industry so he had to make a mark to show that he was whitty and that people would want to buy his music. 

This shows that Diane Martel is quite a out there person wanting to make her videos memorable and have people talking about them because they are so different to every typical Hollywood music video. 
Diane Martel works with very popular acts in the music industry, she has worked with Beyonce and Mariah. With most of her videos being basic, she knows that the person in the video would make the video known and memorable because the person in the video will add there own vibe to the video making it known and rememberable.
With Beyonce the song is a very strong powerful ballad. In the video it is just Beyonce walking through rooms with pictures of her from when she was young to where she is now but when the song becomes intense she is in a hall on her own with a really effective light showing the emotion. Because the video is Beyonce's you don't need a big production because her voice is the production as it is so powerful so with a ballad song the video just needs to be laid back with not much going on. 

Before being a Music Video director, Diane Martel was a choreographer. In some of her music videos you can see a lot of choreography has been put in, but it depends on what type of music video it is, with Pixie Lott the video 'Boys and Girls' you can see that its a very upbeat song so she has got a lot of choreography, this shows that Diane Martel has taken to the challenge of the video and because its a very dancy song it was only relevant to have a lot of choreography with it.

Monday, 23 September 2013



Cinematography is the art of motion picture photography. It is the technique of movie photography, including both the shooting and development of the film.

Rule of Thirds-

The rule of thirds is a rule and/or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, painting and photographs.

This is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. The main reason for observing the rule of thirds is to discourage placement of the subject at the center, or prevent a horizon from appearing to divide the picture in half.

180'C Rule- 
the 180'c rule is a basic guideline regarding the on-screen spatial relationship between a character and another character or object within a scene. An imaginary line called the axis connects the characters and by keeping the camera on one side of this axis for every shot in the scene, the first character will always be frame right of the second character, who is then always frame left of the first.

Single Shot Camera Analysis

Single Shot Camera Analysis

In these pictures I have selected are single camera videos. You can tell this because of how you can see everything that you need to see in the screen not needing to see one person from each angle. Friends is a TV program that has been around for ages, it is filmed with a single camera and you can tell this because of how you can see everyone at once in a shot from one angle. In the Midnight Beast video's they used to film them their selves but because they have become more popular, they have people film them for them. The reason they became popular is because of the way they act and produce their video's because they are talking to the camera and making it personal.

Sex and the City is another prime example of a single camera shot. The drama is an original drama at that time, but by the way they shot it, it must of taken a long time to put together.

With Bruno Mars you can see that it is obviously a single camera shot simply because it is all filmed in the same place without the camera really moving and Bruno Mars coming to the camera.

With the music video by McFly you can see that this is also a single shot camera, by the way the camera follows them into what they are doing and where they are going.

The Imbetweeners is filmed single shot as it captures them all together at ones most of the time with the camera being zoomed out most of the time.

11. Justification of Chosen Ideas

I chose this image because I feel the eye represents the colour and expression the eye can see.

When I first made this logo I thought that I could but the 4 in and make it look more natural. when I develop it that is what I am going to do.

With Channel 4 they're key point is that there is to be a '4' you don't have to have a 'C' or any other letter to go with it just the '4' on its own.

When looking at the logo's I have created I have made sure that the 4 is in the place that the specification wants it to be and with these developments I am going to put below will be a few examples of what I have developed.

Channel 4 don't have a specific colour as it ranged depending on what program is next to appear. With this eye, it is an expression of all the main colours that Channel 4 use, but they have they're signature '4' on the centre right hand side.

 This Photo has the Justification that Channel 4 ask for is that the 4 is to the middle right and so this is what it would look like if an ident.

By putting the 4 in the middle of the eye you can see it can blend in with the middle of the eye and being able to see inside the eye of channel 4. with the justification of the 4 having to be on the middle right.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Genres Of A Music Video

Analyse and Compare conventions from 4 different music video genres 
Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

Rock- Queen
With the Queen video "Bohemian Rhapsody"  you can see that it is very different to other videos because of how they are in a pitch black room with only their faces lit up. They will once or twice cross over to when they are performing to show that they are rock with the band and everything, but they make it very dark. In order for an effect the dark lighting makes the video more dramatic as it is a rock video it makes it a dark and hard feeling to the video. In their music video "I want to break free" the video is less serious and more fun, this shows that the band isn't just serious they can have a bit of fun but in Bohemian Rhapsody you can see that they have made it a serious song because of the speed of the song. 

Hip Hop- Drake
With this video "Started from the bottom" you can see all the materialistic items ranging from fancy cars to the big statement jewellery. When they are in the clubs there are big groups of people who are circling Drake to show that he is important to the video. Hip-Hop video's are normally very personal because there is a lot of hand action and making the video feel very personal. They also include lots of women in drugs. before they are in the club it shows how he started off working in a shop and how he has now developed to where he has got too. 

Indie- Oasis - "Wonderwall"
An example of Indie music is the band Oasis with they're videos you can see that their video's are very basic and boring, they are setting out to tell a journey. In these video's you don't see materialistic items its just a plain room with a few chairs. Indie is being individual so that they do something others don't. The guys in this video wear very stereotypical indie clothes, also they use very different music instruments to normal bands would use. In this video there is no over the top production it is simply them playing there instruments to the camera. 

Pop- Austin Mahone - "Say Something"
I think with pop artists they're music video's are normally more regularly released as they normally release quite a lot of singles more than other artists from different genre's. You will find with pop video's that they have more dancing and role play in the video, trying to express a feeling more than a story. As Austin Mahone is quite young you can see that he has the 'Preppy' look and is going for a traditional 'American High School' Look, that you would see the popular people in the school wearing in a film. His outfits are quite bright and noticeable so you would know which one he is. In his video it is quite like Justin Bieber and you get the feeling that the music video is a mix between one of Justin Bieber's videos and a high school musical song. 

From looking at all 4 different genre's of music, they all have their different edginess to it but the types of music video's they do aren't that eccentric unless they are really well known and have quite a lot of money. You will see that only some videos have a story behind that and that will either be with indie or pop, but mainly with indie. The video's all have their individual touch to them that makes it recognizable that its their video that you are watching. The difference between the videos is the way that they are produced and performed. Depending on what the video is and what sort of music you like depends on the video you will prefer.