Monday, 27 January 2014

4. BBC Timeline

What makes the BBC unique?

The BBC is special because it was the first public broadcasting company, bringing different types of information to the british public. They were the first company to broadcast the news and the weather over the radio then start up television programs that people could watch, they created programmes for all types of people from children to being able to watch the news. On the radio they had different time slots they even had a women's channel where the hour was dedicated to women and what they had to say.

Why are these dates significant to the BBC?

In the BBC I feel these dates are significant because that the first radio channel for the BBC it was a big step in the world for the form of technology, someone created a microphone and that broadcasted around the country.
At the start of WW2 the BBC had been running for 10years and moved to a different studio so that they could be safe and because they had grown as a company which was a big thing for that time period, The BBC was also a big part of the war as it reported a lot of the things that was going on in the war to the people who could afford a radio.
The BBC created a show called 'Womans hour' this was a big thing because it was giving women there chance to speak that they hadn't been given before.
The BBC then started doing children's programs so that there were different age groups getting involved with the progression of technology.

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