Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Documentary Pitch

For my documentary I have the idea to focus it on the life of a sixth former and what they like about the change from GCSE to A-Level and how it has changed their work ethic. My thoughts were to focus on about three sixth formers and how their life has changed since going up into sixth form.

At Ravens Wood in year 12 girls have the opportunity to join and boys also get the opportunity to join, my thoughts were to find a girl who has joined and a boy who has recently joined Ravens Wood so that you can see the different opinions of what have effected them about joining and how things may have changed. I also want to get a boy who has been at the school since year 7 for their opinion on how things have changed since new people joining and possibly some of their fiends leaving.

Interviews will be included in my documentary as I feel that I should observe the person that I am following as i need to see them in all there different areas but i think also observing them in a lesson to see if they are different to in there friendship group would be interesting as they might act differently, in the interviews I will have a background that shows that it is a learning environment that I am following.

For this documentary to work i need to find somebody with quite a bold distinctive voice to narrate certain parts of the documentary.

The beginning of the documentary will be being introduced to the people involved in the film. There will also be facts about the sixth form and how it works. We will show the students that we are following to make sure that you can see them before you are properly introduced.

As I am doing my documentary on my own I think I will ask somebody to help with the filming in order for me to get the shots that I am actually looking for.

After a few weeks of going over my documentary I have decided that I am going to have two of the boys in my class join my group simply because doing the filming by myself is quite hard so as long as I am in a group I can split the tasks up equally so the job can be done just as well as I want it to be done.

I am using Two boys (Oliver Friend, Tyler Lewis Kilden) and one girl (Jade Mason) this is a good ratio because I feel that in the school this is the ratio of boys to girls, this helps to show the difference between who is in the school, because these three people are from completely different friendship groups this helps to show different aspects of the school. Jade is a girl in the year below so she has a fresh outlook on the sixth form and the school. Tyler and Olly have been at the school since year 7 so they have seen how the school has changed over the years.

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