Tuesday, 22 October 2013

15.) Interview and Analysis

1. What do you expect to see in a Channel 4 Ident and why?
When watching Channel 4 I expect to see a lot of variety within the ident. I would expect it to relate to the programme that is coming up next but then for me to know that it is Channel 4 at the same time.
2. How often do you watch Channel 4 a week and why?
I watch Channel 4 roughly 3times a week, I watch it because of the programmes they show in the evenings after school.
3. What would you do to improve the Channel 4 ident and why?
If I was to improve Channel 4's ident i think i would make it more interesting to the channel and something that may not have been done before.
4. What do you like about the Channel 4 ident and why?
I like the way that it relates to real life but then you can tell that it is Channel 4 because it is a real life ident.
5. What do you expect to see in an ident and why?
I would expect to see originality and creativity that would separate that ident from all the other channels.
6. What types of programmes do you like on Channel 4 and why ?
I like to watch programs like Educating Yorkshire, Simpsons and other programmes like that.
7. What time of day do you watch Channel 4 and why?
I tend to watch Channel 4 after school, and in the evening if something looks interesting to watch and nothing else is on.
8. What makes you recognize that you are watching channel 4 and why?
When you watch the ident it is real life and you know by the background music as well.

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  1. Pass- For M, analyse results and discuss how they will be used to create ident