Friday, 25 October 2013

18.) Development of Ideas

By developing our ideas we are going to go into more depth on how they could work.

Pool - With this idea what we thought is that we could use stop animation by moving deckcharis around a pool area, moving them into the pool slowly making a four, once you can see the '4' shape an eye blinks and it goes back to someone on a sun bed on pool side. This is very similar to Channel 4's ideas already but it is different as they have not done this before.

Man Running - This idea we thought of zooming from a distance of a man running along the seafront slowly following the camera up his body to when it meets his face, slowly the camera zooms in to the eye where he blinks and you see the '4'

Blinking Eye - With this idea the concept was that the eye would blink and every time it re-opened the colours of the four would slowly build up to become a four.

Blocks - Using blocks to form a four, they would incorporate lots of different colours and would also slowly build up to form the shape of the four.

Zooming - using an eye and zooming into different spots of the eye until finally you see the colour of the eye and the four.

Channel 4 is about realism, these ideas are realistic and you can see the real life aspect created in the majority of these ideas.

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