Friday, 19 September 2014

13.) Evaluation Of Formats

White Board iStopMotion
With our white board iStopMotion we managed to get a smooth movement with our shots as they became frequent. The only problem is that we ended up with the scenes being upside down.

For my advert I could use the white board work as it is easy to get things moving and you will be able to get to the point easier.

Lego iStopMotion
With the iStopMotion using lego we weren't very creative as we should have added more things to the scene. It would have been better if we used more characters and focused on the scene a bit more.

With Lego work you will find that its quite hard to get the right things to manage to get the right scene.

People and Objects

www: It was quite straight forward using the pens for objects, it went well because you could move them quite well

ebi: if i was to have made it more of a background and made sure my hand wasn't in the shot.

Overall the people and object one was really straightforward to do.

 Paper Cut outs

www: the paper cut outs were really easy to use, i think that you will find that they are quite easy to use.

ebi: i would have cut out the extra features of each cut out to be able to move the paper cut outs more.

Clay Animation

www: the clay was really easy as you could re-sculp it and it would stick to the place so it wouldn't move easily.

ebi: we used different shapes to create a more interesting animation.

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