Thursday, 11 September 2014

8.) Stop Motion Animation Formats

Claymation (wallace and Gromit)
Claymation was trademarked in 1978 by Will Vinton. Claymation is a type of stop motion animation, a time consuming process in which the subject is moved, then shot, the process is then repeated one frame at a time. Claymation was based for children as it is something that would attract them to watch it as it was something 3D moving. Wallace and Gromit was a very popular movie for children.

Paper cut outs (South Park)
cutout animation is pretty much what it sounds like: cut out shapes on a flat surface, and manually moved and repositioned to simulate animation. Cutouts can be coloured paper, white paper with drawings on it, even photographs, and can be completely flat or sometimes be 3D objects.
The target audience for cutout animation is also children/teens and south park is a prime example of cut out animation.

Sand (Twinings Advert)
Sand Animation is a term which has two meanings. It is the name given to a style of live performance art and to an animation type. A sand animation performer will often use the aid of an overhead projector or lightbox.

Lego (Death Star Canteen)
Lego animation is a type of animation where you can shoot on stop motion moving the object gradually to get it to move like you want it to so you can get a smooth moving film at the end but takes a lot of time.

People and Objects (Kindle Adverts)
With this type of stop motion it is an over head camera taking various shots of someone lying on the ground moving slowly by each shot. the target audience for this type of animation format would be someone over 20 who is interested in a different type of advert and of it being mature with adult products.

Animation is a popular type of media as it is very creative and often uses a lot of colour, this really appeals to audiences because sometimes programs lack in colour. It attracts children more than adults as they are more of a cartoon feel to them.

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