Wednesday, 29 April 2015

BBC Interview Research

What is your favourite interview and why?
My favourite interview is the Martin Luther King interview because its an interview where you get to learn about him and how he grew up. This is incredibly interesting because you tend to find that he isn't as confident as you would think and he has grown to embrace his ethnicity.
What is your least favourite interview and why?

The interview with Jeanette Winterson because it was very monotone and not interesting enough for me to feel inspired or interested in. 

What is the best question out of all the interviews you watched and why?

"What were you prevented of not doing when you were growing up to what a white child would have done?"
I chose this question because I think that this for me is something back in that time you would have had to worry about and now there is an equal opportunity and Martin Luther King helped to make that happen. 
And the worst?
"What is your book called" 
I think that this is the worst question because the interviewer should have known the name of the book. This makes you think that the interviewer wasn't interested in the interviewee. 

What is the most emotional response? What question prompted it?

"I wasn't allowed to go swimming because there wasn't a pool for us" This was prompted when he was asked about what he did for activities. This is sad because white people had so much more of an opportunity than any black people would. 

Who is your favourite interviewer? Why?
John Freeman was my favourite interviewer because he was so detailed with his questions and he would also question the answers that were given and i think that this shows that he was interested in this influential figure. 

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