Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Voice Over - MV2

After releasing our music video we reviewed it by talking about what was going on and how we filmed the music video as an explanation to the audience.

We went over what went well and what we could have improved if we were to film it again.

With the Music video we found that the beginning was interesting as we had a good logo to open the music video. If we were to do it again we would most probably go over the plan of the music video and changed the storyline as it is very much like the original video.

After the logo we used game footage where we used the Xbox
record feature to record the footage of playing the game, this is also known as archive footage that we have used because we have recorded previously before shooting the music video.

The chorus of the song is the part that we concentrated on the most as we used close-ups and long shots so that we could get the best possible shot of James's hands because it was an important aspect of the video for us. Here in the picture you can see that we used a black and white filter to show a cold effect to this video.

As well as using a cannon DSLR we also used a GoPro where we used the fisheye effect so that we could get a bit of an edge to our music video. You can see that its not something that everyone does in there video due to health and safety but we felt that by using the GoPro on the mini motorbike it would add more of an edge to the video.

In another shot we used spray paint to mark a spot in the music video as the video had a very territorial feeling to it. We used different filters here again to show a sense of coldness. We again used close ups and long shots, however we included the rule of thirds to show the other surroundings of where we were filming.

We used more archive footage towards the end where we used boat footage which had faded from the game footage to real boat footage. It showed lots of different camera close ups and long shots, we also did a pan shot to show the surrounding. At the end of the video we used a shooting range footage which we felt really helped end the video with the violence to show that the aim of the video was an interesting yet violent ending.

From evaluating this music video I have found that this music video doesn't have a story to it, it simply is just showing the different camera techniques but also violence.
If i was to choose this song again i think i would have made a story out of the song, it would have a strong story line with a great beginning, middle and ending with also using a large variety of camera shots.

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