Tuesday, 4 February 2014

OK GO- Here It Goes Again - In Depth Artist Case Study


In the video 'Here it goes again' they use single camera shots as it is shot all in one place.
The video is all very straight forward but would have needed a lot of rehearsal time in order to pull the routine off.
The lighting is quite bright as it is in a light coloured room.
The cost of this production would be quite low as they wouldn't have to pay for much, they could rent the tredmills in order to keep the cost down and they would only need one camera.
The only thing that could be a problem is because of the amount of takes they would probably have to take so it could be predictable on how long the filming could take, they could film it once and it could be perfect OR they could film it 200 times before getting the perfect scene as it wont be done in takes it would be one long routine.

In OK GO music video's they tend to always use a single shot in stead of multiple cameras this is easier in some ways for the production team as it makes it one less thing to worry about, they also need to work out the lighting so by using one camera you only need one camera man that also helps to lower the price of the music video.

OK GO tend to be quite an original group with most of their videos as they tend to do quite low cost videos but make them to be something that not everyone has seen before and something that people will remember in the future. In the "Here it goes again" video they did a routine on the treadmill and the video was so low-cost they couldn't stop shooting it had to be one whole good run to make sure they got the best shots, they tended to use long or single shot takes, this restores a sense of wonder to the musical number by letting the performers humanity shine through and allowing them to do what they do best with a minimum of filming interruptions. In this video they used single camera shot. In most of their videos they have made them to be so original that people talk about it and has increased their YouTube views after four years of being released it received 50million views. The reason they are well known is for their quirky and elaborate music videos.

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