Thursday, 6 February 2014

7. Sky1

Sky 1 Case Study


Sky TV is a UK television channel that is funded by advertisers and subscription charges sourced from customers. This station offers a wide range of programmes that are also available in high definition. Sky TV has over 10 million customers and also provides broadband and home phone call packages

Sky 1 is the twentieth largest television channel in the UK, and the fifteenth largest commercial broadcaster. It boasts an average of just over 2 million television viewers a day.

The grid below highlights the approximate cost to advertise on Sky 1, with rates varying significantly depending on many factors, primarily the size and profile of the viewing audience. The estimated costs for advertising on Sky 1, shown below, are based on buying 1 x 30 second advert and should be used as a guide only.

Time slot
Example Programming
Est Cost 30"
B       Breakfast 0600-0930
London Ambulance
D       Daytime 0930-1730
         Early Peak 1730-2000
The Simpsons
         Late Peak 2000-2300
         Night Time 2300-Close

Ownership- Programming/Scheduling/Own Programming

By having these shows on these times it shows which ones they see as their peak shows and why they would replay them over and over again.

Target Audience -
Sky wanted to focus on people aged 16-34 for there target audience, there genre is mainly crime and airing american programmes that don't air in the UK with out a subscription.

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