Monday, 12 January 2015

Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about yourself...
My name is Olivia Griffiths, I am 25years old, I currently work for MUA ltd. I would say I am a very easy going person and easy to get on with. I have been working at MUA for 5years and have exceeded in growing my skills.

2.What are your key skills/strengths?
I would say that my key skills would be that i am good at not only the make up to set the mood but also recently trained to do FX make up which has gone pretty well.

3. What would you say your weaknesses are?
I would say that my weaknesses would be that i like to make sure everything is perfect before it goes out onto set so sometimes I would take a bit longer but would make sure the client is on set for the right time.

4. Why did you leave your last job?
I have left MUA because I feel that I would like to travel a lot with my job and be able to see more of the world and i feel that your company would be the best place for me and I think that the experience will develop my skills even more.

5. Why did you choose to apply for this job?
I chose to apply for this job because i feel that i would be able to develop my talent and knowledge of a make up artist and by working for your company develop my skills.

6. Tell me about a difficult scenario at work and how you dealt with it?
In my first year at MUA I was in a situation with a client where I was doing her make up and she decided at the end that she wanted it done differently and started screaming and shouted instead of reacting back I very calmly said to her not to worry i will start again as i feel that is my client isn't happy with the result i will make sure that i can do what ever i can do to make sure he/she is happy.

7. Tell me about an achievement of which you are proud of
After working for he company for 3years I was praised at the employee awards with the best developed make up artist in the company and as the company is so big i was so greatful to be recognised and to have been recognised for your passion is the best feeling.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time
In 5years time i see myself maybe opening my own company for make up artists that will have a direct link with film makers and the make up artists can use the company as an agency.

9. What are your salary expectations?
Currently I am on £1,700 a month so I am intentionally leaving MUA so that my pay would upgrade.

10. What do you know about our organisation?
I know that the Al Jazeera organisation is an extremely successful organisation and that there employees are one of their main priorities which is one of the reasons i applied because i feel that this is a great attitude to your employees.

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