Monday, 26 January 2015

Narrative Script

For our documentary we are looking at having a narrative over the top so that we can explain what is going on at the beginning and introduce characters with the voice over.

We are going to start with some facts and then we are going to introduce the characters one by one, We will then describe the student whilst showing their clips.

In the introduction we are going to add some facts and some information about the school and how it relates to the students we are following.

At the beginning of our documentary we are going to start with a clip at the gate, following through to the Sixth Form common room then through to the media block following Jade, we will then transition to Olly and lastly we will show clips of Tyler. With these clips we have blocked out the sound so that we can focus mainly on the voice over.

Narrator: Ravens Wood School in Bromley has about 1400 students, and we're going to look at the day in the life of three of our sixth formers.

Narrator: We followed Jade, a typical outgoing, sociable, hard working student.
Olly, doesn't enjoy school but gets his work done so he can enjoy his out of school activities.
And lastly Tyler, The schools Head Boy, sociable, passionate enthusiast, willing to help anyone.

(Inbetween names show a clip of each of those students around school.)

The narrative will only be used once at the beginning, this leaves us with the rest of the documentary to go with the interviews with the students where you will be able to hear clearly their answers.

We are going to ask their questions but going to show the questions at the bottom of the screen so that  the viewer has an understanding on what the interviewee has just been asked.

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