Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Interview Research

For this task I watched two interviews one being Piers Morgan Life Stories with Cheryl Cole and the other being The Jonathan Ross Show with Simon Cowell and David Walliams.

Out of the two interviews that i have watched, my favourite interview would be the Piers Morgan - Life Stories with Cheryl Cole. I have chosen this one because you get to find out more information in this interview and it is more drawing because you are learning about an extremely well known person the information that you don't always know.

My least favourite interview would be the Jonathan Ross Show because it is more of a jokey interview than anything serious, therefore your not really finding out any information about what you are wanting to find out.

The best question asked out of all the interviews would be Piers Morgans where he asked the question "How does this experience change your life?" This for me was the most interesting question because you are finding out about how the change of life becoming a celebrity has changed her and what it has done for good then for bad.

The worst question would have been asked by Jonathan Ross where he asked the question "How is yours and Simons relationship working" to David Walliams, I thought that this was the worst question because it wasn't serious and it was making the interview into a joke rather than a serious interview.

"Well look at you Piers!" This was the funniest response because Piers Morgan was digging to find out the truth as to how much Cheryl Cole spends on clothes and she responded to the question "who would do that" Piers then replied "I know, ridiculous" where Cheryl then replied "Well look at you Piers!" I think this put Piers back into place showing that he's not going to be able to crack her that easily in this interview.

In Piers Morgans interview it was about getting an emotion out of someone and Cheryl Cole had just been through the trauma that was Malaria, that had only just happened 12 weeks before going on the show, so it was quite a raw topic. Piers asked the question "Do you remember the doctors saying to you that you could die? Do you remember how you felt?" Cheryl simply responded "If I'm going to die i'd rather go now so I don't go through anymore pain." This is quite an emotive response because its quite hard to go through a near death experience.

My Favourite interviewer is Piers Morgan because he tries to get to the point of the interview, he doesn't beet around the bush, he tends to get to the point of the interview and still find out the information that everyone wants to know.

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