Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Issues of Documentary

Accuracy - In our documentary we made sure that we kept everything natural so that we could show a real representation of a sixth former and how they act. The only thing that we pre prepared the interviewee for was the interviews where we would tell them the questions just before we would turn the cameras back on.

Balance - This is an important point of the documentary because the point is that you see the sixth form through different types of peoples eyes. The balance means that there is an equal argument and an equal opinion of the school. Having a balance in the documentary is imperative because you need to make sure that its not bias and diversity is what would make the documentary interesting.

Impartiallity/ Bias - This is where something is going in favour of what the producer thinks, wants or believes by claiming they're not biased when really they are. The bias within a documentary could be to do with the views that are portrayed by the film maker. If the documentary is based on a subject that could have controversial views then it is important that the film maker is fair and balanced with his ideas. In our documentary we made sure that none of our personal views were implemented, meaning that bias free.

Objectivity - The objectivity of my documentary is finding out how three people react to a situation they may not be comfortable with. We followed three students around so that we could see what their reaction would be, and how they would work with the cameras as well as showing their day to day life.

Subjectivity - Both of the film makers for this documentary were just general people who were in my media class, they weren't really friends with the people being interviewed so it wasn't like they had a preferred student but on a professional level we had to keep a distance to prevent any personal things becoming involved.

Representation - We were trying to show what it was life in the life of a sixth former, how things have changed since the lower school and what they do now their in the sixth form. They represented different types of sixth formers and thats what we were looking for and they really represented that.

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