Monday, 18 May 2015

Peer Assessment of Documentary

During our lesson we assessed each others documentaries and gave each other some constructive feedback.

When discussing our documentary we realised that it doesn't focus mainly on our title which was "Day In The Life Of A Sixth Former". After reviewing the documentary we discovered that we hadn't filmed them over a whole day and we had resolved to other days so that we could get more footage.

We have therefore re-named the documentary "Life Of A Sixth Former" this just shows that we have noticed its not about their day its about what they do at Sixth Form and how they fit in and get on with their time at the school.

We were assessed by our class on our documentary and the majority of feedback was positive.
However we did receive some critical feedback where they mentioned at some places you can't always understand the interviewee, we had previously noticed this, however we thought by turning up the noise of their speech that this would improve the clips.
This did not work so we have decided that we are going to add sub titles so that it is clearer.

Since getting feedback we have decided that there isn't a lot we need to change, it is just about improving what there is already, making sure the speech is clear and making sure that there is good transitions and it looks as good as possible.

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