Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Analysis of Movement

With our animation we tried to make sure that we could make it as realistic as possible. When filming there was a lot of stopping and starting so that we could get the shots right. We took a lot of time making sure that the movements were as effective as possible.

With the door we had to make sure that you could get the movement of the people walking towards the door with the same speed as them walking. To open the door it took 5 shots to make sure that it opened at the right speed. This took a bit of time to make sure we got a detailed movement.

With the people walking we had to make sure that we got the right speed and make it look as realistic as possible because we found that it made them look like they were moon walking which is what I didn't want to happen. This took quite a long time as we wanted to get it perfect and it was quite hard when you are trying to correct the mistakes that have already been made.

We then shot the logo where we found that we needed it to blend with the background as much as possible. Because it was paper we found that often you could see the cut out which is what we didn't want. The movement here was slow but we found that it was easy to blend in and wasn't too hard. This took about 20 minutes to get to the standard that we were looking for because without this it wouldn't have been as good as this was the ending of the animation.

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