Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Team Meeting Minutes

In our team meeting we discussed who would do which roles and how our Animation would be made.

We started talking about who would be in charge of what roles so we decided that we would put Luke in charge of the design and drawing because we felt that by doing that we would be more of a productive team.

We then decided that by me doing the admin side it would help to make sure that we got all the information that was needed in order to make the whole animation unit a success.

Luke was to start with the story boards and working out what we thought would work best and the best way to do it. We decided that the best way to do our animation would be drawn animation where you could find the best way to put the message across.
We then discussed the best way to film the animation and how we would use the camera's to collect the images. We decided that we would use a clamp to hold the camera above the drawings, this would help show the whole area of the drawings.

With the paper work I was doing, I made sure that I had used the templates provided so that I could develop the paper work so it relates with the Animation and helps us to get the best possible grade.

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