Thursday, 4 June 2015

Interview & Evaluation

In this interview I spoke to Jade Mason where I asked her about what she likes about Ravens Wood School.

She was very positive about her transition from GCSE to A Level and she was very responsive.

One of the best answers Jade gave was when she answered the question: What do you do at the weekends?
She answered that she works on her work mainly but goes out and enjoys herself as well.
We weren't looking for the answer where she would spend her time working and I liked that she gave an honest answer to the question.

In this interview you can see that Jade is confident in what she is answering as she is smiling a lot and answering mostly in full sentences. She also in some other places looks a bit un interested because as you can see she looked a bit embarrassed to answer the questions.

The good thing about Jade is that she includes the questions in the answer which is really helpful when it comes to editing because it saves you from putting sub titles underneath.

My interview techniques were to ask the questions as straight on as possible, I hadn't pre prepared Jade to what the question was going to be because I didn't want it to look staged or too prepared because some times the "umm" make it more interesting because you want to know what the interviewee is thinking but your having to wait for them to answer.

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