Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Camera Shot Analysis

When filming our animation we didn't use many shots as it was just focusing on one area of the page as there wasn't really anywhere to go when filming. We would move the character so that it looked like different types of shots but we never really moved the camera.

We used a long shot for the majority of the animation because we wanted to make sure that we could get every bit of detail into our animation. We found that this was the most successful shot for us as we didn't think there was really places to move to throughout the animation.

We tried to use a pan shot but we didn't use the camera to do this, we used the boy. We moved him across the room which made it look like a pan shot. This was easiest for us because panning of it would have been to difficult because the lay out for our animation wasn't that big.

We also used Zoom because we went into a dream so being able to show the intensity of the dream and showing how detailed the castle was would show how detailed the dream was. Zoom worked really well for us because we wanted to go in to the dream and make sure that it was as effective as possible.

After doing this we have found that it was quite hard to use a great variety of shots. If we were to have done it another way, we might have been able to add more shots but it was quite hard to do that.

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