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2.) Corporate Identity Theory Report

Corporate Identity Theory
Olivia Griffiths 

The purpose of this essay is to explain the use of corporate identity theory and how it is used throughout television channel industries, i will talk about the corporate design used, corporate communication and corporate behaviour. This will help me to be able to design and ident suitable for the channel i have chosen.

Explain Corporate Identity Theory 
Corporate Identity is the "persona" of a corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding. "RWS Blog" 

Persona of the organisation to attain business objectives- To explain this i have looked at the airline industry and compared British Airways (BA) and Ryanair. BA are a full service airline where you expect to pay a little bit more for your ticket and in return return excellent service on a good quality aircraft from well trained polite staff who are dressed in a smart uniform and this helps to create a persona about the airline which has a good quality feeling. Ryanair by comparison prides itself on offering low cost tickets and if you want additional services you pay for them on top of the ticket price. Unlike BA there are lots of rules around baggage and being early for your flight that can make the Ryanair experience more stressful for the passenger, but you put up with the poorer service because you are saving more money, the differential between the two airlines being cost and service. 

Visibly manifested by way of branding- Following on with the two airlines above, both have a consistent approach to branding, all the way from the website to the check-in desks at the airport and the look and feel of the aircraft. However, BA looks much classier with its red, white and blue logo and its strap line "Fly To Serve", the Ryanair branding is much more bargain basement in its appearance with emphasis on "Low Cost". The branding for each airline ties in very closely with their business objectives and their target market. 

Explain Your Channel Using Corporate Identity Theory. Explain Corporate Design (logos/colours etc) 
Ident's are continuously changing and adapting the texture and colour to the surrounding environment it is in. 
Corporate Design is the official design of the logo used on things such as letterheads, brochures or in this case in the adverts. 
Corporate Design for a channel involves what an audience will see with the logo, colour, font. With Channel 4 they use a 4 and use it in either black or white depending on what the background is of what they are showing (the colour will never change). In the Channel 4 design specification, there is a lot about how they should portray the logo and how it shouldn't be used. For example: The Channel 4 logo has been designed to reproduce at a minimum hight of 10mm. Corporate Design is important because it helps to let the audience recognise the channel they are advertising. 

Corporate Comunications 
With Corporate Communications you can see that the advertising and PR are a very important part of getting your channel known. Channel 4's e.stings have to be changed quite regularly to keep up with the other competing channels, keeping the target audience in tact with their channel. You know this because when you watch different channels they all have the same types of programme's on, but in order to get the viewers to watch the programme on their channel they need to portray the programme by using an ident that they know that their viewers can relate to. 

Corporate Behaviour 
The behaviour of an organisation is influenced by the arrangements for its ownership and control. Channel 4 have a target audience that ranges from 16-34years old and show programmes that they think can relate to their aimed target audience. Channel 4 also think the same when doing their ident's as they like to relate the programmes to the idents sometimes, for example: if they were showing 'The Simpsons' next, 'The Simpsons' have their own ident for that programme, where Homer Simpson is electrocuting himself by trying to reach for the beer on the telephone cable. By doing that he is setting the electricity off in the whole of Springfield, for when they zoom out to being able to see the whole village the Channel 4's "4" is flashing up showing that 'The Simpsons' is showing on Channel 4. 

Overall Corporate Identity Theory helps the audience to recognise the channel they are watching and how the company's choose to portray the "4".


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    You must reference your sources within your answer. Try and re-write your research in your own words. You must give a variety of examples to explain how Channel 4 uses corporate identity theory.