Monday, 9 September 2013

Top Music Video's - Top 100 NME

Top Music Video's 

1. The First video i watched was 'Telephone' with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, in this video they used multiple camera's because of the type of scenes throughout the video they used. The editing throughout this video would have been a lot because of the dance routine and speaking used throughout it. The reason I like this video is because I think it is very original and unique to the music industry, the use of mixtures between dark colours and very bright colours. There has been a lot of work put into this video to make it work. You can tell that with this video it is a pop music video because of the dancing. This would appeal to Lady Gaga's fans because of the extreme styles of dancing and who she has featuring in this video. The conventions of the pop music video is that it has a lot of dancing and not much of a story behind it.  

2. The second video I watched was 'My Name Is' by Eminem, in this video they used one camera and you can tell this because the way that the people in the video play to the camera. I think that you can see this by the way the video is filmed there could of been a few takes but not much editing, just the editing to put it all together. I like this video because I think that its a very in your face video and it sort of shouts out to you. You can tell this is a hip-hop video because of the rapping, playing to the camera, the big jewellery. In rap videos the rapper tends to have baggy clothes and there will also be a lot of references to drugs. This video would appeal to fans because of the bright colours and the playing to the screen will make it more personal. 

3. The last video I have looked at is 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen, this video has only used one camera and only a little bit of editing as it is all just in one room with not much movement, so it could easily been filmed each section once. I like this video as i think it is very traditional and basic but it still has a value that you could watch it. You can tell this video is a rock video because of how it is quite a dark and an echoing video. There were a few parts where they would go to a stage where they would come out of the black room. This would appeal to Queen's fans because its quite an intense video. The video doesn't have a meaning to it but its to express their music. 

By Olivia Griffiths 

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  1. Merit - You describe your examples well, but occasionally you could analyse in more depth.

    For Distinction expand on your ideas where I have highlighted in orange. A rewrite is required for the bit in red.

    Be careful about pigeon holing Eminem in terms of rap, he is unconventional in that his rap is generally narrative and autobiographical, rarely using stereotyped tropes about drugs, cars and women like other rap artists.