Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Genres Of A Music Video

Analyse and Compare conventions from 4 different music video genres 
Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

Rock- Queen
With the Queen video "Bohemian Rhapsody"  you can see that it is very different to other videos because of how they are in a pitch black room with only their faces lit up. They will once or twice cross over to when they are performing to show that they are rock with the band and everything, but they make it very dark. In order for an effect the dark lighting makes the video more dramatic as it is a rock video it makes it a dark and hard feeling to the video. In their music video "I want to break free" the video is less serious and more fun, this shows that the band isn't just serious they can have a bit of fun but in Bohemian Rhapsody you can see that they have made it a serious song because of the speed of the song. 

Hip Hop- Drake
With this video "Started from the bottom" you can see all the materialistic items ranging from fancy cars to the big statement jewellery. When they are in the clubs there are big groups of people who are circling Drake to show that he is important to the video. Hip-Hop video's are normally very personal because there is a lot of hand action and making the video feel very personal. They also include lots of women in drugs. before they are in the club it shows how he started off working in a shop and how he has now developed to where he has got too. 

Indie- Oasis - "Wonderwall"
An example of Indie music is the band Oasis with they're videos you can see that their video's are very basic and boring, they are setting out to tell a journey. In these video's you don't see materialistic items its just a plain room with a few chairs. Indie is being individual so that they do something others don't. The guys in this video wear very stereotypical indie clothes, also they use very different music instruments to normal bands would use. In this video there is no over the top production it is simply them playing there instruments to the camera. 

Pop- Austin Mahone - "Say Something"
I think with pop artists they're music video's are normally more regularly released as they normally release quite a lot of singles more than other artists from different genre's. You will find with pop video's that they have more dancing and role play in the video, trying to express a feeling more than a story. As Austin Mahone is quite young you can see that he has the 'Preppy' look and is going for a traditional 'American High School' Look, that you would see the popular people in the school wearing in a film. His outfits are quite bright and noticeable so you would know which one he is. In his video it is quite like Justin Bieber and you get the feeling that the music video is a mix between one of Justin Bieber's videos and a high school musical song. 

From looking at all 4 different genre's of music, they all have their different edginess to it but the types of music video's they do aren't that eccentric unless they are really well known and have quite a lot of money. You will see that only some videos have a story behind that and that will either be with indie or pop, but mainly with indie. The video's all have their individual touch to them that makes it recognizable that its their video that you are watching. The difference between the videos is the way that they are produced and performed. Depending on what the video is and what sort of music you like depends on the video you will prefer. 

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