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Research - What Is A Music Video & Recipe

What Is A Music Video? 

: David Bowie, in David Bowie's 'Golden Years' in the music video it isn't exactly a music video but you can see people dancing in the back ground with big hair and flaired trousers, in the video David Bowie is singning in different places, it seems to be a very slow video with lots of fading to different sections, looking at David from different angles. With the times that this is filmed you don't have all the fancy accessories and added extras that you have now in the 21st century so the video is quite basic as to what we see now. 

80's: Cyndi Lauper's music video "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". In this video you can see that it has been set up and it has gone into a more conventional music video, rather than being filmed on the stage like David Bowe's was , the time period has changed so there is more technology available to produce better videos and add story's to the songs. Cyndi Lauper's song isn't fast but it isn't slow, she puts a lot of energy into and I don't think it will have to much editing done in it. In this video I think that only one camera was used and not much rehearsal was needed throughout it.

90's: Spice Girls music video, "Stop". In this video you can tell that it is one camera use as the girls in the video are playing to the camera and it shooting the whole street, the video is starting to bring in choreography, although its very basic you can see the routines working in there slowly. At the start of the video there is a shot where it is from a long distance overlooking the buildings and sweeping in to then focus on one place. After that you can start to see the use of multi camera but the individuals in the group are very personal with the camera and are pointing in to it on close ups, maybe trying to draw the fans in to their videos. 

2000's: Fountain's of Wayne music video "Stacy's Mom". In this video you can tell that it has a definite aim and that is to get to his friends mum to like him. This video would of taken a bit of rehearsal and editing simply because of it being like a scene from a movie on how it is acted out. In this video they use multi-camera. You can tell that the technology has reached another stage by the high definition of the video and how it is filmed in comparison to the others above. There has been a change in what the people in the video are wearing, you can tell it is an american music video by the use of bright colours used. Also in this video you start to see the difference in costumes being more brand specific, such as Converse are being worn. In this video you can see the high use of graphics and how they have been merged with the music video to show the band and then the story. Throughout the video there is a lot of representation to the mother and toward the end there is a bit where it shows her as a stripper in the boys eyes, this is extremely different to what would have been allowed in music videos before and it would have been a risky music video coming into the new era. 

2010's: Katy Perry's music video "Roar". In this video its to show determination and getting through the roughest time, it is very choreographed and using lots of animation resulting in lots of editing. In this there is a lot of green screen used in order for it to be effective, the choreography is obvious and you can tell that the editing would have taken a long time because of the effects. You can tell that a lot of the video is green screen but it is also a representation of the day we are in now by using the multi camera and a lot of the multi media features that are now used in modern day life. In this video it is all a bit far fetched but its what makes people watch the videos to get the ratings, the more outrageous the better. 

From looking at all the videos as time has progressed the quality of the video's have got better but also more imagination has been put into the video's.
In each video you will see each video will have some form of routine if it being, dance, acting or playing to the camera.
When you move on from the 70's to the 2010's you will see that they move from single camera onto multi camera depending on how complicated they make the video and how if they have a classic heart felt song they might just have a plain video to if it was an upbeat song.
Each video is about 3minuets 40seconds long but there are some video's which are 4mins or 5mins depending on how they want to make the video and if they added story lines to the video so in that case extended the video.
Each video has a different meaning and point to it. The song would of been written for a reason and would of had a reason to be written. Sometimes video's make no sense but the point of an emotion would be put across.

My Recipe
- I will need to have a lead singer that will be singing in it because that is what most music videos have.
- I will then set it in either a stage or have a story to follow.
- I will then use some special effects, depending on the genre of the music video
- I will then have certain close ups on people depending on weather i do a group or an individual person for the music video.

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