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1.) History Of Idents

History Of Idents 

Since the Launch of BBC1 in 1924, the channel has seen more than nine different idents. 

BBC 1 Ident - 1964 1964 - The first ident was a continuation of the BBC-tv ident of 1963. It featured the globe on a white background. The original ident had a BBC-tv logo. This was changed to just BBC when the channel was launched.
BBC 1 Ident - 19661966 - While the BBC 1 ident symbol remained, a "watch-strap" globe was introduced in 1964, showing the globe in the middle of a striped band. In 1968, the channel converted to colour - the globe and BBC 1 logo remained.
BBC 1 Ident - 19691969 - The first colour ident was introduced. A blue and black mechanical globe rotated while a curved mirror placed behind made up the famous image.
BBC 1 Ident - 1972 1972 - The globe and colour scheme remained the same, but a rounder, italic font was used for the ident introduced in 1972.
BBC 1 Ident - 19781978 - A new blue and yellow globe was introduced. The colour was added using electronics and a new big bold font was introduced.
BBC 1 Ident - 19811981 - A colour change was made to the globe - yellow became green. The caption also changed to a double line version (similar to the BBC 2 logo of the time).
BBC 1 Ident - 19851985 - The new rotating gold and blue BBC 1 globe was introduced. Called COW, for Computer Originated World, it was the first time that BBC 1 had abandoned mechanical models and still slides and used a completely computer generated image.
BBC 1 Ident - 19911991 - The COW globe was replaced with a new on-screen image designed by Lambie-Nairn (who worked on the Nine O’Clock News ident). The design was a swirling world of shadows and reflections.
BBC ONE Ident - 19971997 - The new style BBC ONE ident and logo was dominated by the red and yellow globe balloon. The balloon was filmed flying over 10 different British locations.

2002- The new Idents after 1997 was more of a view to make the circle by using people. Bollywood dancing being one of them. 

2006- This ident was created for Christmas of 2006, by using people and penguins ice skating. 

2009- In 2009 3years after the last set of idents, they made the circle around the one by using dogs at a dog show, to show that it was coming into summer. 

2013- This is the most recent one that BBC are using. 

Channel 4 

1999- This was one of the first idents used by Channel 4, showing that the 4 was important. 

2002- In 2002 Channel 4 added to their ident what was coming up next and a bit of a change with the colours making it more interesting. 

2004- Channel 4 decided to make their idents more grafic by changing the background to the type of program that was coming next. 

2010- Channel 4's most recent Ident is thebowling green, being able to see the 4 shape in from the clouds shade onto the bowling green. 

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