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Research - Diane Martel- Music Video Director

Diane Martel- Music Video director

 Diane Martel is a Music Video Director but also a Choreographer.
She has worked with people such as Robin Thicke, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Pixie Lott being involved in some of their main music videos.

The music videos Diane Martel has produced recently have been quite similar to each other simply because Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus are trying to make a mark by making their videos quite outrageous. Diane Martel obviously can not make all her videos the same because she is dealing with different people with different visions for their video's and also have different types of target audiences.  In Miley Cyrus's video "We Can't Stop" the setting is pretty plain behind by using bold words to point out certain lyrics in her music video. With Robin Thicke's first music video "Blurred Lines" the setting is all very plain using the bold words to make a mark and stand out. With these two very iconic videos they seem to have stood out because of the bold words used. For Miley Cyrus's video it was important for her to show a change from this Disney Channel Miley Cyrus to the new Miley Cyrus who was more outrageous so she had to make a mark and show how she was different. With Robin Thicke he was new to the industry so he had to make a mark to show that he was whitty and that people would want to buy his music. 

This shows that Diane Martel is quite a out there person wanting to make her videos memorable and have people talking about them because they are so different to every typical Hollywood music video. 
Diane Martel works with very popular acts in the music industry, she has worked with Beyonce and Mariah. With most of her videos being basic, she knows that the person in the video would make the video known and memorable because the person in the video will add there own vibe to the video making it known and rememberable.
With Beyonce the song is a very strong powerful ballad. In the video it is just Beyonce walking through rooms with pictures of her from when she was young to where she is now but when the song becomes intense she is in a hall on her own with a really effective light showing the emotion. Because the video is Beyonce's you don't need a big production because her voice is the production as it is so powerful so with a ballad song the video just needs to be laid back with not much going on. 

Before being a Music Video director, Diane Martel was a choreographer. In some of her music videos you can see a lot of choreography has been put in, but it depends on what type of music video it is, with Pixie Lott the video 'Boys and Girls' you can see that its a very upbeat song so she has got a lot of choreography, this shows that Diane Martel has taken to the challenge of the video and because its a very dancy song it was only relevant to have a lot of choreography with it.

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