Monday, 23 September 2013

11. Justification of Chosen Ideas

I chose this image because I feel the eye represents the colour and expression the eye can see.

When I first made this logo I thought that I could but the 4 in and make it look more natural. when I develop it that is what I am going to do.

With Channel 4 they're key point is that there is to be a '4' you don't have to have a 'C' or any other letter to go with it just the '4' on its own.

When looking at the logo's I have created I have made sure that the 4 is in the place that the specification wants it to be and with these developments I am going to put below will be a few examples of what I have developed.

Channel 4 don't have a specific colour as it ranged depending on what program is next to appear. With this eye, it is an expression of all the main colours that Channel 4 use, but they have they're signature '4' on the centre right hand side.

 This Photo has the Justification that Channel 4 ask for is that the 4 is to the middle right and so this is what it would look like if an ident.

By putting the 4 in the middle of the eye you can see it can blend in with the middle of the eye and being able to see inside the eye of channel 4. with the justification of the 4 having to be on the middle right.

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