Monday, 23 September 2013

Single Shot Camera Analysis

Single Shot Camera Analysis

In these pictures I have selected are single camera videos. You can tell this because of how you can see everything that you need to see in the screen not needing to see one person from each angle. Friends is a TV program that has been around for ages, it is filmed with a single camera and you can tell this because of how you can see everyone at once in a shot from one angle. In the Midnight Beast video's they used to film them their selves but because they have become more popular, they have people film them for them. The reason they became popular is because of the way they act and produce their video's because they are talking to the camera and making it personal.

Sex and the City is another prime example of a single camera shot. The drama is an original drama at that time, but by the way they shot it, it must of taken a long time to put together.

With Bruno Mars you can see that it is obviously a single camera shot simply because it is all filmed in the same place without the camera really moving and Bruno Mars coming to the camera.

With the music video by McFly you can see that this is also a single shot camera, by the way the camera follows them into what they are doing and where they are going.

The Imbetweeners is filmed single shot as it captures them all together at ones most of the time with the camera being zoomed out most of the time.

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