Thursday, 19 June 2014

Advertising In A Music Video

Advertising in music videos is becoming more and more popular as artists are including products in to their music videos that will help different companys with advertisement.

 Advertising in music videos ranges from major advertisement to minor advertisement. An example of major advertisement used in a music video would be from lady gaga's hit single telephone. This music video is one of the best examples of major product placement and advertisement because of all of the different brands of mobile phones that she flashes off during the video as well as using the coke cans as hair rollers.

Lady Gaga will do the pitch. In the video for her single “Telephone,” she flashes those and a handful of other brands — providing one of the splashiest examples yet of product placement in music videos.

And though she has taken these placements to the extreme — making them obvious is part of the gimmick — Lady Gaga isn’t alone among musicians when it comes to incorporating brands into videos.
At least two related trends have contributed to the growing popularity of placements: the move of videos from television to the Internet and the attempt by record labels to make videos a revenue source and not just a marketing tool for selling CDs.

Advertising was also used a lot in Britney Spears music video "Hold it Against me". In the video she advertised her own perfume and she brings it into her video quite well accept you can see that they are trying to advertise the products very obviously by zooming into the product and showing what they are trying to advertise. 

You often find with music videos that they advertise so that they can promote the product but also so the product can promote them. 

With Dr Dre Beats you see that Lady Gaga represents a pair and Dr Dre advertised that so in Lady Gaga's music video "Bad Romance" she promoted the headphones to get them recognised and from doing that later on in the year Lady Gaga released her own headphones.  Both Lady Gaga and Dr Dre are recognised brands and people so you see that you often have two strong brands representing each other to promote them to get the effect of the audience so they will buy the album and the headphones. 

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