Thursday, 19 June 2014

Techniques Video

 In our video we have tried to portray as many techniques that we could throughout it. We used the single camera technique as we felt this was the best way to resemble the video.

With this shot we were shooting from a distance so we wanted the person to be off focus in the background so you could take in the surroundings of where we were shooting. This was the closest we could get to resembling the music video. This was the best shot I felt of the music video as it really had a lot of concentration and a cold effect to it because it was so distant.

 With this shot I wanted to make sure I used the rule of thirds technique. The rule of thirds splits up the screen in to nine squares and is used to place objects and the landscape so that the top line is the is the horizon line. You can also call this shot the 'looking room' as it gives you space to look around as well as the main thing.  By doing this you get to see the surroundings and because there is not a lot of colour in this shot you can see Alice more distinctly and she stands out a lot more showing her facial expression. At the end of this shot I then panned out across the field so that you can see that there isn't anything there which adds more of a dramatic effect.

Here I used a zooming technique where I zoomed in on Alice's face so that I could show emotion as I feel the zooming in would make it more dramatic while looking at her face. Alice isn't looking in the camera which shows that you don't know what she's looking at but you feel connected to know.

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