Wednesday, 25 June 2014

6) Chartiy's for animation

We have been given the task to pick five different charity's that i could do an animation for, here are my five chosen charity's and why i think they are a good charity.

1) Make-A-Wish; this charity is about making a memories for little children who have a serious illness and the wish could be the families last chance to see their child have a great time. The target audience for Make-A-Wish is young children and families with children who don't have long left to survive. Make a wish don't have many adverts they haven't done any animations but I think that the charity is one that you could make an animation for as it is to do with children. 

2) Cancer Research; this charity is one of the most well known charity in the UK, that is because they have done so much research to find out about the cure for cancer. The charity is known especially for their 'Race For Life'. For cancer research the target audience will be everyone of all ages because anyone can get cancer of any age. Cancer Research has a lot of adverts none of which are animated. Cancer is common in lots of young people as well as older people so an animation could attract the younger animation and shows that anyone can have it and that you can try and help people get better.  

3) Children In Need; this charity is run by the BBC who help children through difficult times and people who get to be awarded for what they have done. This is a massive TV event on BBC and they get as many donations as they can running the programme from about 6pm-6am the next day. The target audience for children in need is the public who watch the TV show and want to help for the various problems that occur throughout the show. Children in need use a lot of animations as it is a childrens programme so if i was to do an animation i would have to find a way to help change it.

4) CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young); This charity helps to know that heart conditions are not always in the older people it is common in the younger generation too. The charity sets up screening clinics so you can get tested so that you can find out how healthy your heart is. The target audience is children to ensure that they understand that as healthy as they are they need to check their heart out as it is as common in someone older as a younger person. CRY don't have any adverts but i think because they aim to help younger children a animation would be perfect to be able to do a animation as you could use a lot of ideas.

5) Great Ormond Street; This charity is to help people who have young children who are very ill, they help to make the process easy for the families and make the children feel safe. By people raising money for this charity it helps them to make bigger wards to be able to have enough room for a family member to stay with the child. The target audience is anyone and everyone who feels that they should help young children be able to stay with their parents whilst they are ill. GOSH has adverts where you can see what it is like inside the hospital I think that an animation would help explain it to younger children rather than scare them.

I have decided to choose Make a Wish Foundation as my chosen charity. As I said above Make-A-Wish is a charity helping children with terminal illnesses to have their last true wish granted. Make-A-Wish is supporting children so there target audience is often parents, either parents who's children are/have been ill or parents who have luckily never had this happen to them but would hate it to happen to their children. 

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