Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Production Log MV2

Day 1 - Filming 
When we arrived we set up the camera's on the tripods so that we could then sit down to work out the plan of how we were  going to shoot the music video. When talking we had a few ideas of what we could do to make sure we get the right shots so that we wouldn't have to spend a lot of time re-shooting. We started off by making sure we had the right lighting so that the shot could be as effective as possible. We then went on to trying to shoot the first bit of our music video, where James was stood in the corner of the shed where we felt the mood of the lighting was effective enough for the shot that we were looking for. The lighting would relate to the mood that we wanted for our music video as it was a dark and cold look.

Day 2
On the second day we set up and got started straight away we shot the scenes in the shelter where we were shooting the rap scenes, we made sure we could get the shooting from every angle possible, by doing this it took approximately 2hours to get the perfect angle. We made sure that the stencil for the wall was the right shape and look and the right colour spray paint for the trade mark print.

Day 3
On the last day we shot with the gopro camera on the mini motorbike scene. We filmed for a few hours to make sure we made the most of using the gopro and got as much footage as we could. We also used a special feature on the Xbox so that we could record the footage of the video game "Watchdog" which is one of the main features of our music video.
 We then packed up and returned the cameras to school.

Day 4 - Editing

We started the editing of the music video so that we could try and get the editing as up to scratch as possible so that we know where we are with footage and if we need to shoot anymore.

Day 5 

After lining the shots up we started cropping them down to the length that we need in order for them to fit with the song so that we can start the transitions so that the music video flows.

Day 6 

After editing the footage together and adding the appropriate transitions we started to add the music so that it all flowed accordingly. We added some extra shots  so that you it would relate more to the theme of music video we were going for.

Day 7 

After finishing the edit to the way that we felt was appropriate we showed it to the audience to show to get feedback on our end result.

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