Thursday, 12 June 2014

29.) Expansion of Concept to Suite

With my ident it was in a TV box and with it being in a TV box I could add various ideas of images that relate to the programme that will be coming up next. If I was to add multiple different images it would add to when showing the preview of the programme and it would then show the logo of Channel 4. I think that with this you would need to use the different coloured post stick notes helps to create colour and interesting themes in different ways.

The whole idea with my ident was for people to see something different and original to the channel. I feel that people should relate the ident with fun and entertainment and because nobody has seen it before so they will be intrigued with how it changes for each programme.

If it was to be a Simpsons ident it could be done in yellow and in the middle a 'duff' can could be created and I feel that it would work that way in order to get the best effect for the ident and the concept.

If the ident was to be used in other ways i feel that it could be used to be stuck on people playing the 'poetic game' also known as 'guess who' where people would be trying to guess what programme is coming up next.

Another possible idea for an ident would be to use the post stick notes and be re arranging them into an order that would therefore create something to relate to E4. The post stick notes could be life size and they are ordered into a way where people could be walking over it and with paint on there feet create an image.

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