Friday, 13 June 2014

36.) Self Assessment of PowerPoint and Client Feedback

I think we met our clear specification as what we said we were going to do we did. The feed back shows that it does refer to out corporate ident theory as we kept to the use the natural themes that channel four like to keep to. We also had to think about the target audience which was a very wide age gape about 10 to 60 as the shows on Channel one are mostly family show and documatarty's I do think our ident also is family friendly which Channel 4 like as they want everyone to get involved. Programmes are normally timed so it is perfect for the target audience of that hour. The things I would improve on my are simple things like the way the camera is angled so it wouldn't move, leaving the screen straighter. We also looked at other ident from different channels to see what they do like E4 a fun and random as there target audience are 13 to 30 and that what there programmes are aimed at as well we also learnt from researching other idents techniques and got to see how they link there ident together for example channel 4 all there ident include the 4 in a different place going together like a puzzle when the camera moves around we have used some of this in our expansion of concept as it include different places but the same filming idea like channel 4.

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